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AirCraft Air Handling Ltd a leading UK Manufacturer of AHU's - Air Handling Units providing quality products & cost effective solutions

AirCraft Air Handling have designed and manufactured standard and bespoke AHU - Air Handling Units and simple ventilation units providing quality air for the built environment.

AirCraft have specialist knowledge of the air handling requirements in hospitals, healthcare and scientific laboratories. With specialist staff for each market sector, AirCraft Air Handling understand the unique environment that exists within individual projects. Through consultation with Design & Consulting Engineers, AirCraft can advise on air movement and ventilation, heating and cooling processes together with an understanding of energy efficiency and building regulations.

  • Bespoke AHU - Air Handling Units
  • Classroom, Office & Domestic Air Handling Units
  • Versatile Air Handling Equipment 
  • Product Testing & Commissioning
  • Site Maintenance & Installation Service
  • Simple Ventilation Units Refurbishment and Upgrading
  • AHU Spares & Replacement Parts
  • Site Assembled Air Handling Units

AHU's - Air Handling Units
and simple Ventilation Units are manufactured at the AirCraft Air Handling plant at StaffordAir Handlers can be factory commissioned and ready to run or flat packed for difficult access. Retrofit, upgrading and maintenance can also be undertaken to ensure that your air handling unit provides quality air for your environment.